Chocolate Delight Cake
99.00 Dhs.

Chocolate Delight Cake 1/2 kgDescription:Chocolate Cakes, Strawberry Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Cup Cakes,..

Chocolate Truffle Cake
99.00 Dhs.

Chocolate Truffle Cake 1/2 kgDescription:From classic fruit cakes to chocolate birthday cakes, our c..

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
99.00 Dhs.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake Description: Hazelnut can be a perfect treat when combined with chocolate ..

Pineapple Cake
99.00 Dhs.

Pineapple CakeDescription:Pineapple can be a perfect treat with simply a fresh whipped cream. Its ri..

    Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake
118.26 Dhs.

Description:Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate shavings – an indul..

Black Forest Cake
149.00 Dhs.

Black Forest Cake 1 KGDescription:8 People serving mouth watering Black forest Cake Consist of Layer..

Chocolate Truffle Cake
149.00 Dhs.

Chocolate Truffle Cake 1KGDescription:Chocolate Cakes, Strawberry Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Cup Cakes, Tr..

Chocodates Cake
150.00 Dhs.

Choc Sponge With Dates and CreamDescription:Looking for Choc Sponge Cake with Dates and Cream in Dub..

Chocolate Delight
159.00 Dhs.

Chocolate Delight CakeDescription:Order this chocolate cake for delivery across India next day. Perf..

Chocolate Fudge
159.00 Dhs.

Chocolate Fudge 1kgDescriptionOur range of deliciously gooey chocolate fudge cakes are filled and fi..

Fresh Fruit Fantasy Cake
159.00 Dhs.

Fresh fruit Fantasy cake dubaiFresh Seasonal Fruits  Cake1 kg Please note that If exactl..

Pineapple Cake
159.00 Dhs.

Pineapple CakeDescription:Pineapple cake contains butter, flour, egg, sugar, and pineapple jam. Howe..

Strawberry Cake
159.00 Dhs.

Strawberry Crush, Fresh Cream, Vanilla SpongeDescription:Exquisitely made cakes hand-crafted by expe..

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
169.00 Dhs.

Hazelnut can be a perfect treat when combined with chocolate ganache, raspberry, bananas or simply a..

Mikado Choc. Mousse Cake
169.00 Dhs.

Mikado Choc. Mousse Cake 1KG Soft chocolate mousse bavaroise with cream Brule . rich & decadent..

White Forest Cake
169.00 Dhs.

White Forest CakeDescription:A delicious vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream filling topped with wh..

Carrot Cake
169.85 Dhs.

Carrot Cake 1KGDescriptionWhoever thought that carrots, oranges, cheese & sugar would work must ..

171.36 Dhs.

It is all about caramel & fresh cream in a vanilla sponge cake!..

Strawberry Cake
171.36 Dhs.

Strawberry CakeDescription:Fall in love with the fresh strawberries on a fresh cream layered vanilla..

Turkish Delight Cake
172.00 Dhs.

Turkish Delight CakeDescription:Turkish Delight Cake from Dubai best cake shop. flower delivery Duba..

    Butter Scotch Marble Cake
179.00 Dhs.

ButterScotch Marble Cake 1KGDescriptionNeed a celebration cake in a hurry? Then look no further! Our..

 Fruit Cake Dubai
179.00 Dhs.

Fruit Cake Dubai 1 KGDescription:Birthday Cake. What a super gift to receive from afar. 1 KG Rich fr..

Dark Chocolate Cake
179.00 Dhs.

Dark Chocolate Cake 1KG Description: Chocolate Cakes, Strawberry Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Cup Cakes, T..

Fresh Fruit Fantasy
179.00 Dhs.

FRESH FRUIT FANTASY CAKEWeight : 1 KgBest gift delivery service in dubai, UAE. Order flower,cake or ..

Fruits Cake
179.00 Dhs.

Fruits Cake  Dubai 1kgDescription:Fruit cakes are heavy, dense cakes that have a relativel..

Mango Cheese Cake
179.00 Dhs.

Mango Cheese Cake - Dubai 1 KGDubai Cake forte cheese cake with biscuit crust and mango pulp garnish..

Mango passion fruit cake
179.00 Dhs.

Mango passion fruit cake dubai1 kg Please note that If exactly same product is not available ..

 Banana Walnut Cake 1KG
182.85 Dhs.

Banana Walnut Cake (VANILLA SPONGE with FRESH CREAM)Description:The two key ingredients Banana and W..

 Mixed Berry Cake 1KG
182.85 Dhs.

Mixed Berry Cake 1 KGDescription:Buttery shortbread pastry filled with creamy, sweet almond frangipa..

Raspberry Cheese Cake
182.85 Dhs.

Raspberry Cheese Cake 1 KGA true inspiration from the classic, the raspberry jam topped on the spong..

Raspberry Colada Cake
182.85 Dhs.

Raspberry Colada CakeA beautiful and delicious cake can make a special day even more special. Vanill..

     Bizet Cake Dubai
189.00 Dhs.

Bizet 1 kg Cake DubaiDescription:Biscuit with white caramel cream filling, and dry meringue on top. ..

  Butterly Delight
189.00 Dhs.

Butter Delight 1KGDescription:Indulge yourself with this spongy cake topped with cream and has been ..

Fruit almond fantasy Cake - 1KG
297.85 Dhs. 189.00 Dhs.

Fruit almond fantasy Cake : Fresh vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla cream, fresh fruits an..

Nougat Cake
189.00 Dhs.

Nougat Cake Dubai 1 kg Please note that If exactly same product is not available in our ..

Rainbow Sponge
189.00 Dhs.

Rainbow Sponge With Buttercream 1KGDescription:The Vanilla Rainbow Cake. Layer upon Layer of co..

      Choco Red Velvet
194.35 Dhs.

RED VELVET SPONGE, WITH CREAM CHEESE , ChocolateDescription:A truly decadent southern classic: two r..

Fresh Cream Vanilla Cake
194.35 Dhs.

Fresh cream vanilla cake dubai 1 kg Please note that If exactly same product is not avai..

       Romantic Red Velvet
199.00 Dhs.


    Blissfull Tiramisu Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Description:Heavenly Italian dessert made with cheese cream & tender vanilla sponge filled with ..

    Blueberry Cheesecakes
199.00 Dhs.

Description: Blueberry cheesecakes are easy, no bake desserts that are perfect for treating the one..

  Dubai Mother's Day Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Dubai Mother's Day Cake 1 kg..

  Natural Beet Red Velvet Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Natural Beet Red Velvet Cake 1kgDescription:Underneath its gloriously creamy cream cheese cloak..

Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake 1KGBest gift delivery service in dubai, UAE. Order flower,..

199.00 Dhs.


Mango Mousse Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Mango Mousse Cake 1KGA mango mousse cake, it serves 8 persons.Weight : 1KG..

Mother's Day Chocolate Heart Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Mother's Day Chocolate Heart Cake 1 KG ..

Red Velvet Cake
199.00 Dhs.

Red Velvet CakeDescription:Red Velvet cakes are a popular cake flavor. Handmade red vanilla sponge, ..

Tiramisu Cake
199.00 Dhs.

A Tiramisu cake it serves 8 persons.Description:Handcrafted Tiramisu Cake from Dubai Cake, UAE's bes..

       Desert Forest Cake
200.00 Dhs.

Desert Forest Cake 1 KGDescription:8 People serving mouth watering Desert Forest Cake Consist of Lay..

 Honey Comb Mousse Cake 1KG
205.85 Dhs.

Honey Comb Mousse Cake 1 kgDescription:Mousse Cakes are a dessert lover's fantasy and are now availa..

Delight Cake 1kg
217.35 Dhs.

Customized Delight CakeWeight : 1 KgPlease note that If exactly same product is not available in our..

Triple Chocolate Cake
217.35 Dhs.

Triple Chocolate Cake 1kgMore AboutWe bake Tripple Chocolate Cake using Belgian Chocolate sponge (mo..

  Torte Cake
228.85 Dhs.

Torte Cake 1KGDescription:Delicious Handmade Cakes to Order Online. ... From classic fruit cakes to ..

Green Cake
228.85 Dhs.

Green Cake 1 KGDescription:Dubai Cake is the UAE's leading cakes, flowers, balloons and chocolates s..

Vanilla Sponge Cake
239.00 Dhs.

Pack Size : 7INNet Weight : 1.07kgKeep Frozen @ 0F (-18C)..

Vanilla Sponge Coffee
239.00 Dhs.

Vanilla Sponge Coffee Cake 1kgA vanilla sponge with coffee flavored fresh creamWeight : 1 KgPlease ..

  Personalized Photo Cake
249.00 Dhs.

Personalized Photo Cake 1KGDescription:Surprise your loved ones with a Photo Printed cake. Get..

Strawberry Round Cake
249.00 Dhs.

Strawberry Round Cake 1kgA Vanilla Sponge filled with strawberry flavoured fresh cream specially des..

Frerro Rocher Chocolate Cake
250.00 Dhs.

Description:The cake is a Chocolate Cake and Decorated with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. It is covered..

    Mother's Day Cake
270.25 Dhs.

Mother's Day Cake 1 Kg ..

274.85 Dhs.

Red Velvet CakeA scintillating chocolate flavored red velvet cake would be the next big thing in the..

Chocolate Devil's Food Cake
286.35 Dhs.

CHOCOLATE DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE 1.07 kgDescriptionWhat to Expect: The 9-layer cake to end all cakes: cho..

A Valentine White Heart
287.00 Dhs.

Valentine White Heart Cake 1 KGDescription:Weight - 1 KG Sugar Paste Jelly Topping. Available in Two..

Heart Shape Valentine
287.00 Dhs.

Heart Shape Valentine Cake 1KGDescription: Weight - 1 KG Sugar Paste Jelly Topping. Available in ..

Red Velvet Cheesecake
320.85 Dhs.

Red Velvet CheesecakeA scintillating chocolate flavored red velvet cake would be the next big thing ..

Red Love Cake
343.85 Dhs.

Red Love CakeSugar Paste Jelly Topping. Available in Two Flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla.Weight - 1..

       Mickey Mouse Cake
350.00 Dhs.

Description:The cake is a Chocolate Delight Flavor designed for the 1st birthday of your baby. It is..

Star Shape Custom Cake
439.00 Dhs.

Star Shape Customized CakeWight 2.5 kg Please note that If exactly same product is not availa..

Congratulations Cake
459.00 Dhs.

Congratulate your loved once with the delicious cake from Flowerly Dubai.Weight: 2kgPlease note that..

Barbie Cake 3KG
516.34 Dhs.

Barbie Cake 3 KGDescription3 Kg Barbie Cake perfect for birthday of Kids with vanilla sponge and cho..

Gold Crown Customized Cake
599.00 Dhs.

Geof designed this cake fit for a King! ..or Queen, or Duke, or Earl, or Princess. Total wight ..

Princess Precious
599.00 Dhs.

Princess PreciousDescription:Having had to turn away clients who needed a special party cake with a ..

Birthday Cake 3 KG
642.85 Dhs.

Birthday Cake 3 KG DescriptionWant to make a customize design of cake for you children or for your l..

      Viking Cake Dubai
759.00 Dhs.

Viking Cake(Customize Cake : Weight 4 kg)Every celebration deserves a cake from Dubai Cake. From cla..

Graduation Gift Cake 3KG
803.85 Dhs.

Graduation Cake : Celebrate graduation in Style in Dubai UAE.Weight: 3 KGBest Way to celebrate gradu..

1,033.85 Dhs.

Heart Shaped Chocolate flavored Cake.WEIGHT: 4 KGBest rimantic gift for Birthday, Anniversary, Valen..

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