Delivery Information

Our delivery service is available 7 days a week 365 days a year. We accept same day delivery if order is placed before 2 pm. However, same day delivery can be arranged after 2:00 pm also. Please contact our customer services at (+971 50 2998606)

STANDARD DELIVERYBook Order before 7 PM for Same Day delivery in Dubai,Sharjah and Ajman.
EXPRESS DELIVERYExpress Delivery wihtin 2 hours in Dubai,Sharjah and Ajman.
MID NIGHT DELIVERYBook Order before 7 PM for Same Day Mid Night Delivery in Dubai,Sharjah and Ajman.

Refund policy

A Refund may be requested by the customer a day before delivery date. However, if the order is shipped already we can refund paid amount minus the delivery charges and wrapping cost. However, the freshness of the flower is guarantee. The item cannot be returned if already received by the recipient.

If there is any complain regarding the quality of the product being delivered, our quality control team will inspect about the same and if it is found to be true, the customer will get a full refund or the product will be replaced.

Change of Delivery Date
Change of delivery date can be requested by customer for perishables must be 24 hours advance. However, any date change requests logged less than 24 hours will may result 50% charge on items