Sweet Love Artificial Roses
35.00 Dhs.

Sweet Love Artificial RosesDescription:This is ravishing: every single petal is perfect in appearanc..

6 Red Roses
136.85 Dhs. 119.00 Dhs.

6 Red RosesDescriptionIf the red rose's exquisite beauty isn't reason enough to make it the ideal ch..

6 Yellow Roses
136.85 Dhs. 119.00 Dhs.

6 Yellow RosesDescriptionWith their sun-drenched color and graceful blooms, it's easy to see why yel..

Sweet Thoughts
228.85 Dhs. 129.00 Dhs.

Sweet ThoughtsDescription:A graceful heart of bear grass... tied with purple wax flower blossoms... ..

12 Yellow Roses
200.10 Dhs. 149.00 Dhs.

12 Yellow RosesDescriptionSun-filled yellow roses represent friendship and joy. Send these bright, c..

12 Hand Tied Kisses
159.85 Dhs.

12 Hand-tied KissesDescription:Send Valentine's Day Flowers to the UAE from Daisy florist Group. Bea..

A Dozen Lavender Roses
171.36 Dhs.

A Dozen Lavender RosesDescriptionAdoration and enchantment, with a dash of regal majesty - the laven..

A Dozen Pink Roses
171.36 Dhs.

A Dozen Pink RosesDescriptionSymbolizing gentility and elegance, these dozen pink roses, punctuated ..

Dozen Sweet Roses
195.00 Dhs.

Description: A dozen red roses is a classic gift of love that has been thrilling fair ladies ..

Long Stem White Roses
248.40 Dhs. 199.00 Dhs.

Description: White roses are the ideal way to express purity (which is why brides often choose wh..

Sassy Sunflowers
217.35 Dhs.

Description: Like the sun itself, sunflowers are said to provide power and warmth. Perfectly ..

Serenity Orchids
217.35 Dhs.

Serenity OrchidsDescription:For a gift of absolute serenity and joy, this simple vase of pure white ..

 Premium Long Stem Pink Roses
228.85 Dhs.

Premium Long Stem Pink RosesDescription:Make your feelings known loud and clear with a fresh bouquet..

18 Assorted Roses
228.85 Dhs.

18 Assorted RosesDescriptionEvery rose color has a special meaning--and a gift of fresh, gorgeous mu..

18 Terracotta Roses
228.85 Dhs.

18 Terracotta RosesDescriptionNothing else will make your loved one feel as cherished as our 18 Terr..

Always Beautiful
228.85 Dhs.

Always BeautifulDescriptionJust as roses will always be beautiful, loved ones will always be cherish..

Blushing Invitations Bouquet
228.85 Dhs.

Blushing Invitations BouquetDescriptionBlushing Invitations Bouquet bursts with bright color and und..

Orchid Embers
228.85 Dhs.

Description: Like the glowing embers left over after a fiery blaze burns low, this marvelous ..

Pretty in Pink Rose Bouquet
228.85 Dhs.

Pretty in Pink Rose BouquetA dozen stems of white roses tinged with pink on the edge of each petal c..

Pink Dawn Bouquet
248.40 Dhs.

Pink Dawn BouquetSymbolizing innocence and beauty, a pink bouquet is the perfect gift for anyone who..

Bright Blush Rose Bouquet
343.85 Dhs. 259.00 Dhs.

Bright Blush Rose BouquetDescriptionThe Bright Blush Rose Bouquet is a beautiful burst of color and ..

Aloha Sunset
263.35 Dhs.

Description: A clear glass vase holds one dozen orange bi-color roses, yellow cymbidium orchi..

Lily Topiary
263.35 Dhs.

Description: It's an arrangement that's just right for any celebration. Lilies and solidaster..

Love Forever Bouquet
263.35 Dhs.

Description: This feminine bouquet features large white and red roses, delicate pink lisianth..

Merry Roses
263.35 Dhs.

Description: Merry RosesPlease note that If exactly same product is not available in our st..

Sweet Indulgences Bouquet
263.35 Dhs.

Description: Sweet Indulgences is a luxurious display of your most heartfelt sentiments, read..

Written in the Stars (Lillies)
263.35 Dhs.

Written in the StarsMore AboutElegant white lilies and pretty white wax flower stems are exquisitely..

Yellow Flower Basket
263.35 Dhs.

Yellow Flower BasketMore AboutSend a basket filled with the sun's cheerful glow. From the playful da..

White Cymbidium Flowers
264.00 Dhs.

White Cymbidium FlowersDescription:White Cymbidium Flowers: An elegant simple but luxurious bouquet ..

Make A Wish
274.85 Dhs.

Description: Why wait for a special occasion? Do you just want to send a little thank you or ..

Rose Renaissance Garden Bouquet
274.85 Dhs.

Description: The Rose Renaissance Garden Rose Bouquet captures the beauty and casual elegance of ..

Sumptuous Luxury Orchid Bouquet
274.85 Dhs.

Description: Inspire and delight them with flowering extravagance. Deep red Mokara Orchids sp..

     Field of Red Roses
286.35 Dhs.

Field of Red RosesThe quintessential gesture of passionate love, this generous bouquet is anything b..

Aquamarine Rose Bouquet
286.35 Dhs.

Aquamarine Rose BouquetDescriptionThe Floral Sparkling Seas Aquamarine Rose Bouquet is a unique gift..

    Double Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid
295.00 Dhs.

Double Mini Phalaenopsis OrchidSurprise that special someone with a double mini Phalaenopsis Orchid ..

    Bali Hai with Glass Vase
299.00 Dhs.

Bali Hai with Glass Vase:Garland your love in waves of exotic dendrobium orchids washed up on the sh..

Roses in the Grass
302.46 Dhs.

Description: What could be more appealing than a simple flower arrangement of six burnt-orange ro..

Hooray diant
309.35 Dhs.

Description: It’s called “Hooray-diant!” The perfect name for this exuberant gift of or..

Passion for Gratitude Rose Bouquet
309.35 Dhs.

Description: The Passion for Gratitude Rose Bouquet is an exquisite display of elegance and s..

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
310.00 Dhs.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant:This gorgeous double stemmed white phalaenopsis orchid is planted in a dec..

Perfectly Pastel
320.85 Dhs.

Perfectly PastelPink Asiatic lilies, yellow carnations, lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums, yello..

Precious Love Flowers
320.85 Dhs.

Precious Love FlowersSimply speaking, red means romance. Send this bouquet of vibrant red carnations..

Rose Rendezvous Bouquet
320.85 Dhs.

Description: The exquisite bouquet includes light pink roses, medium pink roses, lavender ros..

Sunny Side Up
320.85 Dhs.

Description: The flower symbolism associated with sunflowers is adoration. This glorious arra..

The Loving Rose Bouquet
320.85 Dhs.

The Loving Rose BouquetMore AboutLove is a many splendid thing, and this sumptuous arrangement says ..

Citrine Birthstone Bouquet
332.35 Dhs.

Citrine Birthstone BouquetDescriptionThe Citrine Birthstone Bouquet is a unique gift to add to the c..

Colorful World Gerbera Daisy Bouquet
332.35 Dhs.

Colorful World Gerbera Daisy BouquetDescriptionThe Colorful World Gerbera Daisy Bouquet was created ..

Pick-Me-Up Bouquet
332.35 Dhs.

Pick-Me-Up BouquetAn assortment of roses and gerbera daisies in brilliant pink, orange, red and yell..

Sunset Kiss
332.35 Dhs.

Description: 12 Orangae Rose,13 Dark pink rose,,1 Dark spray pink rose, ,13 orange spray rose..

Colors of Love - Orange
343.85 Dhs.

Colors of Love - OrangeDescriptionCelebrate a fruitful relationship with this vibrant, all-orange ga..

Colors of Love - Red
343.85 Dhs.

Description: The color red symbolizes love, passion and excitement. For a gift that implies all t..

Colors of Love - Yellow
343.85 Dhs.

Description: EXCLUSIVE For the one who makes you happy and brightens your day, return the favor b..

Daybreak Luxury Orchid Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Bask in dawn's first light with a bouquet rich in color and glowing with long-la..

Garden Inspirations Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

Description: proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens® Garden Inspirations Bouquet. Gra..

Holiday Splendor
343.85 Dhs.

DescriptionThe splendor of the season is beautifully captured in this traditional holiday arrange..

Kiss of the Rose
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Traditional elegance. A handful of classic red roses look especially stunning in..

Lady in Red
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Just as an elegant lady dressed all in shades of crimson draws the eye, this spl..

Madly in Love
343.85 Dhs.

Description: If you're crazy about someone and not afraid to show it; this bright jewel-toned..

Radiant Riches Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Radiant Riches Bouquet bursts with the brilliant colors of harvest sunshine and ..

Red Rose Passion Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

Red Rose Passion BouquetSixteen luscious red roses in a spectacular glass vase - the ultimate Valent..

Splendid Surprise
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Lovely at first sight. Green miniature hydrangea and lavender roses are a lovely..

Sweet Tranquility Basket
343.85 Dhs.

Description: A rainbow in a basket! This cheerful array of colorful blooms is a versatile pic..

Sweethearts Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

Description: Sweethearts Bouquet blooms with roses and mini carnations to help you celebrate ..

The Love Wonder Bouquet
343.85 Dhs.

The Love Wonder BouquetMore AboutThe Love Wonder Bouquet bursts with the beauty and magic of love's ..

Timeless Traditions
343.85 Dhs.

Timeless TraditionsDescription:Luscious lavender roses and stems of white spray roses are beautifull..

Winter Rose Bouquet
344.00 Dhs.

Winter Rose BouquetMore AboutRed and white roses, what a statement! A symbolism of your pureness of ..

Cosmic Blooms
366.85 Dhs.

Description: A burst of brilliant flowers in a clear glass vase lined with a spiraling leaf i..

Golden Sunflower Medley
378.35 Dhs.

Description: Bring the warmth of the Summer sun indoors with this medley of brilliant golden ..

Hello Happiness Bouquet
378.35 Dhs.

Description: Hello Happiness Bouquet. Roses and daisies are brilliant and bright, set to send..

It is My Party
378.35 Dhs.

Description: Rich jewel-toned flowers are arranged in a chic plum colored cube vase for a gif..

Peace, Love & Laughter Bouquet
378.35 Dhs.

Peace, Love & Laughter BouquetThe Peace, Love & Laughter Bouquet is a shining display of you..

Romantic Melodies Bouquet
378.35 Dhs.

Romantic Melodies BouquetRomantic Melodies Bouquet weaves together colors that express love and joy,..

Spring Garden Bouquet
378.35 Dhs.

Description: The Spring Samba Bouquet is bursting with color and light to spread cheer and un..

Spring Garden Bouquet
378.35 Dhs.

Description: Spring Garden Bouquet roses and Peruvian lilies to create a sweet expression of ..

Adrenaline Blush Bouquet
389.85 Dhs.

Adrenaline Blush Bouquet. Awesome Arrangement of dubai romantic pink colored Flowers. Flowers arrang..

Happiness Bouquet
389.85 Dhs.

Description: Happiness&trade Bouquet by FTD® is blooming with vibrant color to bring smi..

Happy Go Lucky
389.85 Dhs.

Description: It seems like the sun shines a little brighter when roses make their way into yo..

Serene Green
389.85 Dhs.

Description: This peaceful green and white arrangement of carnations, Gerbera daisies, lilies..

    Graceful Expressions
401.35 Dhs.

VASE INCLUDED - Graceful Expressions flower arrangement by UpScale uses red and white roses acc..

Colorful Gerbera Daisies
401.35 Dhs.

Colorful Gerbera DaisiesDescriptionA gerbera daisy lover's dream come true: big, bold and beautiful ..

Colorful Gerbera Daisies
401.35 Dhs.

Colorful Gerbera DaisiesDescriptionA gerbera daisy lover's dream come true: 25 big, bold and beautif..

Daylight Bouquet
401.35 Dhs.

Description: Daylight Bouquet bursts with sun-filled excitement and cheer expressed through e..

Rising Sun
408.26 Dhs.

Rising SunWhen the first golden rays burst over the horizon, you know that the rising sun can't be f..

Simply Lovely
412.85 Dhs.

Description: This delicately tinted mix of fresh blossoms in gentle hues of pink and white, b..

Happy Times Bouquet
424.35 Dhs.

Description: Happy Times Bouquet employs roses and stock to bring vibrant color and fragrance..

Simply Unforgettable Bouquet
424.35 Dhs.

Description: The Simply Unforgettable Bouquet is an elegant expression of your deepest gratit..

Splendid Roses
424.35 Dhs.

Description: The Vibrant Dawn Bouquet blooms with the awe-inspiring colors of dawn. Coral ros..

Deluxe Holiday Tradition
435.86 Dhs.

Description: 8 roses 6 carnations 4 mini carnations 6 white chrysanthemums ..

Heart/'s Truth Bouquet
435.86 Dhs.

Description: The Heart's Truth Bouquet expresses your love and affection through the brillian..

50 Multicolor Roses
458.85 Dhs.

50 Multicolor RosesDescriptionA profusion of large-headed roses team with petite spray roses in gorg..

Fields of Europe for Summer
458.85 Dhs.

Description: Fill their day with international sunshine. Inspired by the burgeoning flower fi..

Golden Autumn Bouquet
458.85 Dhs.

Description: Golden Autumn Bouquet exudes the warmth and comfort of the harvest season with e..

Love Medley
458.85 Dhs.

Description: Sing her a love song - with flowers. This lush, loving rose arrangement tells he..

Luxury Hugs and Kisses For Her
458.85 Dhs.

Luxury Hugs and Kisses For HerDescriptionOur Luxury Hugs and Kisses bouquet contains 16 ruby red tul..

Orchid Elegance
458.85 Dhs.

Description: With their frilly, delicate blossoms and exotic speckled centers, orchids are on..

Precious Heart Bouquet
458.85 Dhs.

Precious Heart BouquetPrecious Heart Bouquet is a blushing display of loving kindness. Fuchsia roses..

Summer Sunrise Rose Bouquet
458.85 Dhs.

Description: The Summer Sunrise Rose Bouquet blooms with an array of roses and spray roses in..

Three Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses
458.85 Dhs.

Three Dozen Long Stemmed Red RosesDescription36 long-stemmed red roses, Includes greenery and Stands..

Three Dozen Red Roses
458.85 Dhs.

Three Dozen Red RosesMore AboutDeliver an unmistakable message of Love with a capital "L" when you s..

True Romance Bouquet
458.85 Dhs.

Description:This Happy Valentine Premium Long Stem Roes is great expression for your love onePlea..

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