Special Offers

100 Red Roses
1,734.20 Dhs. 999.00 Dhs.

100 Red Roses in a Pot.DescriptionA majestically beautiful arrangement of 100 Red Roses, intricately..

12 Yellow Roses
200.10 Dhs. 149.00 Dhs.

12 Yellow RosesDescriptionSun-filled yellow roses represent friendship and joy. Send these bright, c..

6 Red Roses
136.85 Dhs. 119.00 Dhs.

6 Red RosesDescriptionIf the red rose's exquisite beauty isn't reason enough to make it the ideal ch..

6 Yellow Roses
136.85 Dhs. 119.00 Dhs.

6 Yellow RosesDescriptionWith their sun-drenched color and graceful blooms, it's easy to see why yel..

Blessings Luxury Rose Bouquet
825.70 Dhs. 629.00 Dhs.

Blessings Luxury Rose BouquetDescriptionCount your blessings expressed through a magnitude of gracef..

Bright Blush Rose Bouquet
343.85 Dhs. 259.00 Dhs.

Bright Blush Rose BouquetDescriptionThe Bright Blush Rose Bouquet is a beautiful burst of color and ..

Fruit almond fantasy Cake - 1KG
297.85 Dhs. 189.00 Dhs.

Fruit almond fantasy Cake : Fresh vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla cream, fresh fruits an..

Long Stem White Roses
248.40 Dhs. 199.00 Dhs.

Description: White roses are the ideal way to express purity (which is why brides often choose wh..

Sweet Thoughts
228.85 Dhs. 129.00 Dhs.

Sweet ThoughtsDescription:A graceful heart of bear grass... tied with purple wax flower blossoms... ..

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